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  Computer Terms 4 27/12/2015 Quiz
Question Number 1
These words,'programmable, device, machine, electronic' describe a:
A. desk
B. book
C. computer
D. bag
Question Number 2
Types of computers.
A. motherboard,CPU, monitor
B. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel,Paint
C. keyboard,RAM,CPU fan and heat sink
D. desktop PC,laptop,mainframe
Question Number 3
We like to use them because of their data processing speed, they store large amounts of information in a small space and also they are accurate. They are:
A. scanners
B. radios
C. monitors
D. computers
Question Number 4
To load the first piece of software that starts a computer, often the operating system.
A. type
B. retrieve
C. highlight
D. boot
Question Number 5
Internal hardware components of the computer include:
A. Paint,Excel, Microsoft Word
B. monitor, keyboard,mouse
C. motherboard, CPU, CPU fan and heat sink
D. monitor, scanner,printer
Question Number 6
It refers to the prgrams on the computer or instructions that tell the computer what to do.
A. hardware
B. flash drive
C. mouse
D. software
Question Number 7
ICT means
A. internal Community Technology
B. Information Complete Techniques
C. Information and Communication Technology
D. Internal Community Techniques
Question Number 8
_________________ is the brain of the computer.
A. motherboard
C. system unit
Question Number 9
It refers to the physical parts of the computer, the parts that you can see and touch.
A. software
B. monitor
D. hardware
Question Number 10
Computer output printed on paper; printout.
A. soft copy
B. copier
C. hard copy
D. information
Question Number 11
This is an example of a word processor.
A. Paint
B. Microsoft Powerpoint
C. Microsoft Excel
D. Microsoft Word
Question Number 12
URL is the same as a:
A. word processor
B. a computer educational game
C. web address
D. a desktop PC
Question Number 13
A computer system consist of:
A. hardware only
B. software only
C. no hardware and no software
D. both hardware and software
Question Number 14
To find a saved document in the computer and bring it up to view.
A. reverse
B. retrieve
C. return
D. remember
Question Number 15
A program that can copy itself and infect a computer without the permission or knowledge of the owner is called.
A. highlight
B. task bar
C. virus
D. address bar
Question Number 16
A device that lets you see what the compueris doing.
A. printer
B. system unit
C. mouse
D. monitor
Question Number 17
Use this when you want to type capital letters without using the shift key for each character.
A. backspace
B. enter
C. mouse
D. caps lock
Question Number 18
wifi refers to:
A. with internet
B. no internet
C. wires & internet
D. wireless internet
Question Number 19
You can insert the flash drive in the USB _________________.
A. keyboard
B. connector
C. port and hub
D. mouse
Question Number 20
Which is an example of hardware?
A. file
B. monitor
C. Microsoft Word
D. Microsoft Powerpoint

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