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  High School Biology Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the smallest unit of life?
A. cell
B. atom
C. virus
D. a & b
E. a & c
Question Number 2
Which of the following statements about living things is false?
A. All living things use energy to function.
B. All living things are composed of cells.
C. All living things have a nervous system.
D. All living things are capable of reproduction.
E. None of the above. All statements are true.
Question Number 3
A group of cells that work together to perform a function is called a what?
A. cell system
B. organ system
C. organ
D. organism
E. tissue
Question Number 4
During mitosis, the cell duplicates its _____, the strands of DNA found in its nucleus.
A. centromeres
B. chromosomes
C. chloroplasts
D. centrosomes
E. nucleotides
Question Number 5
Which of the following terms is NOT a category for biological classification?
A. Kingdom
B. Order
C. Class
D. Phylum
E. Genus
F. Composition
Question Number 6
Plants create their own food by absorbing and processing sunlight. The ability to produce your own food source is a metabolic process known as what?
A. heterotrophy
B. autotrophy
C. homotrophy
D. ditrophy
E. self-metabolization
Question Number 7
Fungi absorb the nutrients from dead organisms. In the animal kingdom, fungi are know as what?
A. producers
B. absorbers
C. consumers
D. decomposers
E. scavengers
Question Number 8
Which of the following cell organells does NOT participate in cellular division?
A. ribosomes
B. chromosomes
C. mitotic spindle
D. cytoplasm
E. nucleus
Question Number 9
An animal that consumes only meat or other animals, is called a what?
A. omnivore
B. herbavore
C. carnivore
D. consumavore
Question Number 10
Which of the following is an example of a symbiotic relationship?
A. Wolves working together to hunt in a pack.
B. Plants growing in the same rolling meadow.
C. Humans and their pets living in the same home.
D. Weeds clinging to the roots of trees in your backyard.
Question Number 11
The study of the biology and systems of the Plant kingdom is known as what?
A. Herbology
B. Herbobiology
C. Botany
D. Chlorobiology
Question Number 12
In the animal kingdom, meosis results in the production of what kinds of cells?
A. spores
B. skin cells
C. sperm cells
D. egg cells
E. c & d
F. a, c & d
Question Number 13
Which of the following is NOT a phase of mitosis?
A. Interphase
B. Prophase
C. Metaphase
D. Anaphase
E. Cytophase
F. Telophase
Question Number 14
Which of the following statements is NOT true about the Plant Kingdom?
A. All plants are capable of photosynthesis.
B. All plants "breathe" CO2.
C. All plants are capable of bearing flowers.
D. All plants are incapable of sexual reproduction.
E. a, c & d
F. c & d
Question Number 15
Genetics is the study of what?
A. The purposes and functions of DNA.
B. The properties and functions of sexual and asexual reproduction.
C. The study of inherited traits.
D. The study of genes and their functions.
E. a, c, & d
F. All of the above.
Question Number 16
Which of the following is NOT an example of a naturally-occuring sugar?
A. sucrose
B. mitose
C. glucose
D. galactose
E. fructose
Question Number 17
Which of the following statements is TRUE about parasites and their relationships with their hosts?
A. The parasite and the host enjoy a mutual relationship, where both organisms benefit.
B. The parasite enjoys the benefits of a relationship in which the host is harmed or killed.
C. The host enjoys the benefits of a relationship in which the parasite is harmed or killed.
D. Neither the parasite nor host is really harmed in their symbiotic relationship.
Question Number 18
Which of the following is a proper example of natural selection?
A. Human beings continue to get taller because of thousands of years of proper nutrition.
B. A community of lady bugs begin having offspring with darker shells, in order to hide from their predators.
C. Albino rodents die off quickly in a community, being more vulnerable to certain pancreatic diseases.
D. Seagulls begin to eat so many fish, that only those with a dark blue scale color survive.
Question Number 19
What is the main difference between the prokaryot and the eukaryot?
A. The eukaryot has a nucleus, and the prokaryot does not.
B. The prokaryot has a nucleus, and the eukaryot does not.
C. The eukaryot is always larger than the prokaryot.
D. The eukaryot is the only type of cell than is capable of photosynthesis.
E. a, c & d
F. None of the above.
Question Number 20
Which of the following scientific classifications of the domestic dog is correct? In other words, which of the following is the proper way to name the domestic dog?
A. canis lupus Familiaris
B. Canis Lupus familiaris
C. Canis Lupus familiaris
D. Canis lupus familiaris
E. Familiaris canis lupus
F. Familiaris Canis Lupus

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