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  Canada WWll Quiz
Question Number 1
When did Canada declare war on Germany?
A. Sept 3 1939
B. April 5, 1940
C. Dec 25, 1944
D. Dec 7, 1941
E. Sept 10, 1939
Question Number 2
What was the name of the beach that the Canadians landed on on D-Day?
A. Sword
B. Gold
C. Utah
D. Juno
Question Number 3
What was the code name for the Dieppe raid
A. Operation Maple Leaf
B. Operation Jubilee
C. Operation Overlord
D. Operation Clean Sweep
Question Number 4
Japan attacked BC's Queen Charlotte Islands
A. True
B. False
Question Number 5
German U Boats travelled up the St. Lawrence Seaway
A. True
B. False
Question Number 6
Who was Canada's Prime Minister During WWII
A. Sir. John A McDonald
B. Wm L McKenzie King
C. Wilfred Laurier
D. Winston Churchill
Question Number 7
What was the name given to a lady working in the factory during the war
A. G.I Jane
B. Betty Boop
C. Factory Francis
D. Rosie the Rivetter
Question Number 8
Adolf Hitler named what battle with Canadian troops "Little Stallingrad"
A. Battle of Vimy Ridge
B. Battle of the Bulge
C. Battle of Ortona
D. Battle of Britian
Question Number 9
What was the name of the Canadian Armies newspaper
A. the Beaver
B. the Canoe
C. the Bugle
D. the Maple Leaf
Question Number 10
What Canadian city was planed for a German invassion
A. Halifax
B. Vancouver
C. Montreal
D. None of the above

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