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  Mr. Wright's Canuck History Quiz
Question Number 1
In what year was Canada a country?
A. 1877
B. 1857
C. 1867
D. 1982
E. 1812
F. 1989
Question Number 2
Who was Canada's first Prime Minister?
A. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
B. Sir John A. MacDonald
C. Sir Brian Mulroney
D. Sir Sean Connery
E. Sir Sanford Flemming
F. Sir Frederick banting
Question Number 3
Who was Canada's first female Prime MInister?
A. Laura Secord
B. Anne Geddes
C. Pauline Johnson
D. Shania Twain
E. Kim Campbell
F. Laura Bush
Question Number 4
What is the Significance of 1929?
A. Chinese Black Market Emerges
B. End of Slavery
E. Stock Market Crash
F. Cold War Begins
Question Number 5
What are Canada's Official Languages?
A. English/Spanish
B. English/Italian
C. French/Latin
D. French/English
E. English/Chinese
F. French/Canadian
Question Number 6
Who is Canada's current Prime Minister?
A. Stephen Harper
B. Jean Chretien
C. Bob Dole
D. Jean Poutine
E. Bill Gates
F. Preston Manning
Question Number 7
Which is not a Canadian Province?
A. Alberta
B. Nova Scotia
C. Ontario
D. Manitoba
E. New Brunswick
F. Toronto
Question Number 8
Canada's Governtment Is...
A. A Federal Parliamentary Democracy
B. A Constitutional Democracy
C. A Dictatorship
D. A Monarchy
E. A Constitutional Monarchy
F. Both A and E
Question Number 9
What year did Canada adopt the "Charter of Rights and Freedoms"?
A. 1900
B. 1945
C. 1867
D. 1978
E. 1982
F. 1929
Question Number 10
What is the Importance of 1972?
A. Canada Outlaws Abortion
B. Canada ends Slavery
C. Canadian Women can now vote
D. Canada becomes a country
E. Canada is the 51st American State
F. Canada beats Russia in the Summit Series

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