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  PK's European History Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the name of Alexander The Great's beloved horse ?
A. Xanthius
B. Balius
C. Thetronicus
D. Bucephalus
Question Number 2
The following are regions conquered by Alexander The Great, except...
A. Corinth
B. Alexandria
C. Babylon
D. Jerusalem
Question Number 3
Battle of Issus is a battle fought between Alexander The Great and...
A. Porus
B. Darius III
C. Ptolemy IV
D. Xerxes
Question Number 4
Alexander The Great has never been defeated in a single battle. True or false ?
A. True
B. False
Question Number 5
Alexander The Great has a very renowned philosopher as his tutor. Who is he ?
A. Aristarchus
B. Pythagoras
C. Aristotle
D. Socrates
Question Number 6
Rome is a city built on the remnants of an earlier advanced civilization. What civilization is it ?
A. Minoans
B. Etruscans
C. Parthians
D. Persians
Question Number 7
Under which of the following groups did Titus ruled Rome as Emperor ?
A. Julio-Claudian Dynasty
B. The Five Good Emperors
C. Flavian Dynasty
D. Pre-Caesarian Dynasty
Question Number 8
Rome's first architectural marvel is none other than....
A. Colosseum
B. Pantheon
C. Cloaca Maxima
D. Circus Maximus
Question Number 9
Under which emperor Dacia was finally subdued to Roman rule ?
A. Hadrian
B. Trajan
C. Nerva
D. Marcus Aurelius
Question Number 10
Which Roman emperor was famous for building the Pantheon ?
A. Antoninus Pius
B. Nerva
C. Caracalla
D. Hadrian
Question Number 11
From where Nero got financial help to finance the building project of his magnificent monument ?
A. Conquest of Jerusalem
B. Tax raising
C. Loan from Parthian king
D. Part-time labourer in Alexandria
Question Number 12
Gaius Julius Caesar was renowned for the conquest of....
A. Jerusalem
B. Gaul
C. Sion
D. Istanbul
Question Number 13
Which Roman emperor found the Byzantine kingdom ?
A. Domitius I
B. Theodosius
C. Justinian I
D. Constantius
Question Number 14
Under which general the Franks managed to put the Muslim conquest of Europe to a halt ?
A. Charlemagne
B. Charles Martel
C. Pepin the Short
D. Leodorus
Question Number 15
Who was the pope responsible for the installation of Charlemagne as the Holy Roman Emperor ?
A. Leo III
B. Clementine IV
C. Pius
D. Julius V
Question Number 16
Under which pope that the First Crusade set out to conquer Jerusalem ?
A. Julius V
B. Peter XII
C. Urban II
D. Joseph
Question Number 17
By the 16th century, which kingdom was the strongest in Europe ?
A. Spain
B. Portugal
C. Britain
D. Netherlands
Question Number 18
Which queen helped Ferdinand II in governing Spain by the 15th century ?
A. Lisa Ararode
B. Isabella
C. Elizabeth I
D. Josephine
Question Number 19
By the 16th century, an organization was formed to persecute heretics of Christianity. What is it ?
A. Bedouine Huricus
B. French Civil Citizens
C. English Revolution
D. Spanish Inquisition
Question Number 20
He is responsible for decorating the Holy Sistine Chapel with his paintings. Who is he ?
A. Rembrandt
B. Raphael
C. Michelangelo
D. Leonardo da Vinci
Question Number 21
During the final mission of the Spanish Armada, with whom should it merge to launch a combined attack on England ?
A. Sir Francis Drake
B. Medina Sedonia
C. Duke of Parma
D. Marquis of Segeron
Question Number 22
Question Number 23
The Spanish king during the demolition of the Armada is...
A. Philip II
B. Ferdinand II
C. Henry of Navarre
D. Henry of Aragon
Question Number 24
Napoleon Bonaparte lost his final battle in...
A. Trafalgar
B. Waterloo
C. Sahamu
D. London
Question Number 25
Who was Napoleon's adversary-general during his final battle ?
A. General Montgomery
B. Duke of Wellington
C. Frederick The Great
D. Peter III
Question Number 26
In World War I, the Central Coalition was made up of countries, except...
A. Bulgaria
B. Germany
C. Italy
D. Ottoman Empire
Question Number 27
Who was the man responsible for the Unification of Germany in the late 19th century ?
A. Otto van Bismarck
B. Adolf Hitler
C. Giovanni Federacio
D. Antonius van Zeppelin
Question Number 28
World War I is also known as...
A. Nuclear Warfare
B. Trench Warfare
C. Biological Warfare
D. Tanks Warfare
Question Number 29
World War II saw the beginning of a new Germany under...
A. General Montgomery
B. Otto van Bismarck
C. Adolf Hitler
D. Dwight Eisenhower
Question Number 30
What was the main trigger for the U.S.A to declare war on Japan in 1942 ?
A. Japanese Army advancing to Guadalcanal
B. Bombing of Pearl Harbour
C. Assassination of President Roosevelt
D. Japanese assault of Aleutian Islands
Question Number 31
On D-Day, U.S.A was assigned to attack......in Normandy, France.
A. Juno Beach
B. Gold Beach
C. Merville Beach
D. Omaha Beach
Question Number 32
Which was the first space-craft to carry a human into space ?
A. Sputnik 1
B. Explorer 1
C. Galilei 2
D. Vostok 1
Question Number 33
Under which Soviet president did the Glasnost concept commenced ?
A. Boris Yeltsin
B. Mikhail Gorbachev
C. Nikolai Lenin
D. Joseph Stalin

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