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  PK's Islamic History Quiz
Question Number 1
In 622, Muhammad and his followers retreated to Medina. This occasion is known as the...
A. Hegira
B. Eid-ul-Fitr
C. Hudaybiyya Treaty
D. Muhammad's Retreat
Question Number 2
Muhammad was among the first Muslims to take part in the Hegira. True or false ?
A. True
B. False
C. Neither
Question Number 3
Medina is the later name for the city of Yathrib. What is meant by Medina ?
A. Second Holiest Islam City
B. God's Paradise
C. Shining City
D. Muhammad's Soil
Question Number 4
Arrange the three holiest Islamic cities according to ascending order.
A. Jerusalem-Medina-Mecca
B. Mecca-Jerusalem-Medina
C. Jerusalem-Mecca-Medina
D. Medina-Mecca-Jerusalem
Question Number 5
In 628, the Hudaybiyya Treaty was signed. It enforces the following except...
A. No usage of arms for 10 years
B. Not to carry out the Hajj that year
C. Can carry out the Hajj next year, but allowed to stay in Mecca for 3 days only
D. Muhammad should pay for the pilgrimage annually
Question Number 6
What is the correct definition of Islam ?
A. Praise of God
B. Surrender to God
C. Holy Law of God
D. Greatness of The One and Only God
Question Number 7
Among the hundreds of thousands of prophets, how many of them should be known by Islamic adherents ?
A. 92
B. 5
C. 25
D. 1483
Question Number 8
Who is the father of Muhammad that died shortly before his birth ?
A. Abd. al-Muttalib
B. Qusai
C. Abraham
D. Abd. Allah
Question Number 9
Year of The Elephant is the Arabic calendar that commences when...
A. Muhammad was born in Mecca
B. Abraha's siege of Kaabah
C. Qusai opened the city of Mecca
D. Elephants were brought in for the first time from Yemen
Question Number 10
Muhammad is also known as 'Al-Amin' which meant..
A. trustworthy
B. generous
C. intellectual
D. praiseworthy
Question Number 11
Before his first Revelation, Muhammad married his first wife, Khadijah. The age difference between them is...
A. 20 years
B. 15 years
C. 2 years
D. 25 years
Question Number 12
The holy Kaabah symbolises the concept of....
A. Greatness of God
B. The One and Only God
C. Generosity of God
D. Supremacy of God
Question Number 13
As Muhammad reaches adulthood, where did he always retreat for privacy and meditation ?
A. Mount Hira
B. Mount Arafat
C. Jabal al-Lawz
D. Mount Uhud
Question Number 14
In 610, who visited Muhammad in his private location to preach the Message of God ?
A. God
B. Khadijah
C. Archangel Gabriel
D. Umar al-Khattab
Question Number 15
Muhammad preached Islam among his close relatives at first because....
A. fear of Meccans' resistance
B. fear of being banished out of Mecca
C. fear of being placed in jail for heresy
D. fear of persecution by the Christians in Mecca
Question Number 16
What made Islam attractive that quite many Meccans embraced it ?
A. Equality of humans
B. Reward in Heaven by God
C. Muhammad's dedication towards Islam
D. Many high Meccan officials embraced it
Question Number 17
The following are ways senior Meccan administrators used to thwart Muhammad's influence, except....
A. Boycott to Muslims
B. Bribery to Muhammad
C. Prevention of Muslims to be rulers
D. Prevention from marrying Muslims
Question Number 18
Why did the Meccans try to stop the spread Islamic belief throughout Arabia ?
A. Muhammad will overthrow them of their positions
B. They will be sentenced to death if Muhammad succeeds
C. It contradicts with their original belief
D. They believe Muhammad is trying to conquer Arabia for his own
Question Number 19
Bilal ibn Rabah was famous for being..
A. the closest companion of Muhammad
B. the main person for the spread of Islamic belief
C. the first man to rule Muslims after Muhammad
D. Islam's first muezzin
Question Number 20
Where did Muhammad attempt to find a Muslim settlement outside Mecca but failed ?
A. Syam
B. Damascus
C. Aksum
D. Ta'if
Question Number 21
In 620, Muhammad experienced Isra and Miraj. What is Isra and Miraj ?
A. Divine enlightment by God
B. Ascension to Heaven
C. A conversation with God
D. Travelling back into time in Earth

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