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  alice in wonderland Quiz
Question Number 1
the caterpillar asks alice to repeat what poem?
A. you are old, father time
B. the cat in the hat
C. tempest by shakespeare
D. you are old, father william
Question Number 2
who was the nasty member of royalty that threatened alices life after alice won a game of croquet?
A. the queen of hearts
B. the duchess of dimonds
C. the duke of great danes
D. the queen of jacks
E. the queen of hearts
Question Number 3
fill in the characters name the .... turtle
A. drowsey
B. mad
C. mock
D. misapprehended
E. trifeled
Question Number 4
alice fell down what?
A. a rabbit hole
B. a snake pit
C. a man hole
D. a crevas
Question Number 5
what is alices kittens name?
A. cheery
B. dinah
C. dinner
D. lucy
E. kitty
F. puss
Question Number 6
who is tweedledums sibling
A. tweedledo
B. tweedledummer
C. tweety
D. tweedledee
E. tweedle
Question Number 7
what was lewis carrolls' real name?
A. lewis carroll
B. lewis white
C. charles lutwidge
D. charles lutwidge dodgeson
E. andrew mchaverson
Question Number 8
what is a caucus race?
A. nobody knows
B. a good way to dry off
C. a lap of the sea
D. sort of like a triathalon but longer
E. a and b
Question Number 9
which of these were not a prize for the caucus race?
A. a thimble
B. a box of comforts
C. a hand kerchief
Question Number 10
what was the cater pillar sitting on
A. a toadestool
B. a giraffe
C. a mushroom
D. a skull
E. an enlarged toad
Question Number 11
what kind of cat can talk and grin and is a main character within the book
A. a cheshire
B. cats cant talk
C. a minx
D. the cat in the hat
Question Number 12
which of these characteers were not at the tea party?
A. dormouse
B. the march hare
C. the hatter
D. dinah
Question Number 13
what colour were the cards painting the roses?
A. blue
B. white
C. orange
D. green
E. red
F. laps lazuli
Question Number 14
what is the queens favourite game?
A. baseball
B. croquet
C. bowls
D. operation
E. chess
F. she hated all sport

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