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  Body Building Quiz
Question Number 1
How many repetitions would you train for when training for hypertrophy?
A. 20-25
B. 12-15
C. 6-8
D. 1-3
Question Number 2
Which one out of the following is not an advanced training priciple in a workout?
A. Pyramids
B. Periodization
C. Dropset
D. Superset
Question Number 3
What do you need immediately after a workout to get the best results for hypertrophy?
A. Gaterade
B. Water
C. Protein and Carbohydrates
D. Protein and Fat
E. Fat
Question Number 4
What muscle group(s) would you generally include deadlifts with?
A. Legs or Back
B. Shoulders
C. Legs
D. Back
Question Number 5
What is the importance of being 'anabolic' when training for hypertrophy?
A. It makes you have more muscular endurance and thus helps carbohydrate absorbtion.
B. It's not important because you do not have a positive nitrogen balance
C. It's not. Being catabolic is more important.
D. Being 'anabolic' is extrememly important because it means that your body is growing.
Question Number 6
What time do you want to ingest moderate amounts of protein when training for hypertrophy?
A. Mid morning & Post Workout
B. A,C, and D
C. After Lunch
D. After Dinner
Question Number 7
How does creatine help in weight training?
A. Ingesting creatine helps your body convert fat into muscle
B. Creatine will increase the natural levels of creatine phosphate in my body to help with contractions between 1-15 seconds in duration.
C. Creatine helps with the absorbtion of protein, and therefore helps your body increase muscle recouperation.
D. Creatine makes your body absorb more water, thus, helping you look more 'ripped'.
Question Number 8
Protein supplements are a necessity for all resistance trainers
A. That statement is true. Resistance trainers need extra protein no matter what they eat.
B. ?? What are you talking about?
C. Thats not true, you can ingest all the protein you need with a well balanced diet.
D. False, Steriods are just as effective.
Question Number 9
Which fatty acid is esstential to ingest for everyday life?
A. Omega 6's are the ones you want, because you do not recieve them in everyday life
B. Omega 3's are ESSENTIAL! and will also increase your resting metabolic rate. (neat huh?!)
C. Omega 9's because you do not have enough in an average american diet.
D. Saturated fat
Question Number 10
When should I apply an advanced training principle in my workout?
A. At the beginning of a muscle group because of the lactic acid that's produced for the latter exercises.
B. Dont ever apply them
C. In the at the end of a workout, but the specific principle should be varied at all times.
D. You're Done! Way to go!

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