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  THE WORLD trivia Quiz
Question Number 1
does matthew's friend have a name?
A. yes
B. no
C. wasnt mentioned
D. mentioned briefly
E. yes but its unclear and hard to find out
F. its a made up never mentioned name
Question Number 2
how many films will be in the series?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
E. 15
F. 18
Question Number 3
what is film number four's sub name?
A. revenge
B. flashing to now
C. always in here
D. never far
E. return is tough
F. downfall
Question Number 4
how long have the two friends been in the forest by the end of the second film?
A. one year and four months
B. 56 days
C. an hour
D. 4000000 minutes
E. 876895856 years
F. no one said anything about it in the film
Question Number 5
who directed the films so far (1 2, and soon to be 3)?
A. peter jackson
B. steven spielberg
C. mel gibson
D. god
E. budah
F. matthew doak
Question Number 6
how long is the first film (not including the final credits)?
A. 25 minutes
B. 5 hours
C. 7 minutes
D. 11 minutes
E. 9 trillion light years
F. 43 days
Question Number 7
how long were they away from camp on the trail?
A. 15 days
B. 78 hours
C. 4 months
D. 1 minute
E. 4.67 hours
F. sundown to sunup
Question Number 8
why did they go into the forest?
A. to be weird
B. to celebrate there elementary school graduation
C. to have some fun
D. to camp out and be dumb
E. they were running away from there parents
F. they were outcasts in society and were sent there
Question Number 9
what is the most prevelent side story in the film?
A. the food search
B. there moral status
C. there struggles
D. there growing friendship
E. there positive attitude
F. all of the above
Question Number 10
what is the third films theme?
A. all of the things below sound right
B. action
C. healing
D. friendship
E. heros
F. happiness
Question Number 11
what is the second films catch phrase/main saying?
A. ive gotta ask why
B. spiderweb
C. were not gonna get out of here
D. dude you know i didnt go anywhere
E. live our lives to the fullest
F. twilight zone
Question Number 12
when was the second film released into theatres?
A. july 4th 2003
B. september 4th 1993
C. november 3rd 1999
D. september 28th 1993
E. april 13th 1876
F. october 25th 2008
Question Number 13
explain the linear timeline and draw out a timechart with the events- showing birthdays

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