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  Hannah Montana Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What,s the name of the TV show that Hannah Montana appears on?
A. U.S.A. Idol
B. Amercan Celebs
C. Singing with the stars
Question Number 2
Where did Oliver find Jackson's missing credit card?
A. In his sandwich
B. Under the coffee table
C. In the piano
Question Number 3
What celeb couple do Hannah and Jackson become when they're mistaken for girlfriend and boyfriend
A. Hannahson
B. Jacksannah
C. Jackmontana
Question Number 4
Oliver loathes gum-chewing becuse he got scared by this chicklet-chompin aunt when he was a baby.
A. Aunt Harriet
B. Aunt Hazel
C. Aunt Henrietta
Question Number 5
True or False? Roxy channels a lion to act strong and scary on bodyguard duty?
A. True
B. False
Question Number 6
What did Jackson's grandmother give him as a good luck charm from the 1964 Olympic volley-ball team she was on?
A. The net
B. The ball
C. Her wristband
Question Number 7
What' the name of Aunt Dolly's dog?
A. Fluffy
B. Rufus
C. Rocky
Question Number 8
True or False? The hillibilly kin of the stewarts that's known as the Bearded Lady is Aunt Earlene.
A. True
B. False
Question Number 9
True or False? According to Jackson, a used Hannah Montana tissuesels for $37.95 on the internet.
A. True
B. False
Question Number 10
What is the first name of the Stewart's rude neighbour Mr. Dontzig?
A. Albert
B. Alfred
C. Aaron
Question Number 11
What the name of Hannah's usual limo driver?
A. Sandy
B. Randy
C. Andy
Question Number 12
What are Robby Ray's favorite cookies from back home?
A. Sweet Potato Bars
B. Pecan Crunchies
C. Brown Sugar Bites
Question Number 13
What line follows "Who said Who said i can't be ten feet tall"in a Hannah Montana song?
A. I say, I say im going to the mall
B. I say, I say that i can have it all
C. I say, I say im having a ball
Question Number 14
True or False? The photographer that once told Robby Ray to 'push is tush off her set" is named Liza.
A. True
B. Fasle
Question Number 15
What is the B of D that gave Amber and Ashley tons of money for the fundraiser?
A. A department store
B. A radio station
C. Their father's , Bank of Dad
Question Number 16
What medical condition prompts Traci, Hannah's air-kissing friend, to talk in that annoying little voice?
A. She dropped on her head when she was a baby.
B. She has in flamed tonsils
C. She has a deviated septum
Question Number 17
What was the name of the pet pig miley had before she moved to Malibu?
A. Betty
B. LuAnn
C. Maribelle
Question Number 18
Whats the name of the useless, seenothing teacher that has lunchroom duty at the school?
A. Mr Corelli
B. Mrs Rush
C. Ms. Bree Samuels
Question Number 19
What Hannah Montana accessory was designed by Simone?
A. A hat
B. A scarf
C. A belt
Question Number 20
When miley was a little girl if she was going to throw up what would she say?
A. "Gotta yak, Jack!"
B. "Gotta upchuck, Chuck!"
C. There's a funny coming out of my tummy"
Question Number 21
Who do Amber and Ashley put up the signs "Dork" and "Still Dorky"on?
A. Oliver
B. Lilly
C. Miley
Question Number 22
What is Oliver "Triple O" Oken's Middle name?
A. Owen
B. Oscar
C. Oswald
Question Number 23
Which is not in Stewart's living room?
A. A Guitar
B. A Piano
C. A poster of the CheetahGirls
Question Number 24
what middle school do Miley and her friends attend?
A. Seaside
B. Seaview
C. Seacrest
Question Number 25
What does Jackson discover about his new used car?
A. It's a lemon
B. It's a chick mobile
C. It has no brakes

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