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  Psyc 212 Quiz
Question Number 1
Define Psychology
A. the study of mental ability
B. the scientific study of behavior and mental processes
C. the knowledge of emotional stages
Question Number 2
What are the 4 goals of Psychology?
A. determination, explaination, prediction and control
B. description, exploration, prediction and control
C. description, explaination, prediction and control
Question Number 3
Who introduced behaviorism?
A. Freud
B. Watson
C. Jones
D. Smith
Question Number 4
Which neurotransmitter affects mood, sleep, appetite and agression?
A. Endorphins
B. Dopamine
C. Acetylcholine
D. Serotonin
Question Number 5
List the path of sight through the eye.
A. lens, cornea, pupil, fovea, iris
B. retina, cornea, pupil, fovea, cornea
C. cornea, pupil, iris, lens, retina, rods, cones, fovea
D. lens, retina, rods, cones, iris, retina
Question Number 6
List the path of sound through the ear.
A. air, middle ear, oval window, fluid, cochlea
B. middle ear, oval window, fluid, cochlea
C. air, vibration, middle ear, inner ear
Question Number 7
What does REM consist of?
A. fast pulse, and unrecalled dreams
B. paralysis of muscles, fast pulse and respirations, vivid dreams
C. slow pulse and one stage
Question Number 8
Learned to give up because of frustration and failure is........?
A. Learned helplessness
B. Learned helpfulness
C. Cognitive selfishness
Question Number 9
Name the 3 processes of memory
A. retrieve, encode, and sell
B. encode, store, and retrieve
C. information retrieval and recall
Question Number 10
What memory hold 7 items up to 30 seconds?
A. Long term memory
B. Sensory memory
C. Short term memory
D. subconscious memory
Question Number 11
3 kinds of memory tasks are......
A. read, recall and store
B. recall, retrieval cues, and recognition
C. recall, relearn and retrieve
Question Number 12
The smallest units of meaning in a language.
A. Phonemes
B. Mood disorders
C. Morphemes
D. Psychomes

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