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  The Chrysalids Quiz! Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the protagonists' name?
A. John
B. Michael
C. Samantha
D. Daniel
E. David
F. Jimbob
Question Number 2
What is the name of the setting that most of the story is set in?
A. The Fringes
B. Waknuk
C. Kawkun
D. The Badlands
E. Labrador
F. Mutation Station
Question Number 3
What is the name of the protagonist's father?
A. Joseph Strorm
B. Angus Morton
C. Alan Flynt
D. Jason Storm
E. Elias Strorm
F. Darth Vader
Question Number 4
If a mutated plant is discovered in Waknuk, what happens?
A. It is thrown out
B. It is eaten
C. It is burnt
D. It is stepped on
E. It is burnt, then the ashes are used as gunpowder
F. They throw it into Lake Chiska
Question Number 5
What is the protagonist's mutation?
A. He has six toes
B. He has six fingers
C. He is exceptionally strong
D. His arms and legs are very long
E. He can see the future
F. He is telepathic
Question Number 6
Who is the protagonist's girlfriend?
A. Sophie Wender
B. Petra Strorm
C. Rachel Sashet
D. Rosalind Morton
E. Anne Sashet
F. Mary Strorm
Question Number 7
What is different about Petra, the protagonist's sister?
A. She has exceptionally strong hearing
B. She has an even stronger telepathical power
C. She can see the future
D. She can shoot lasers out of her eyes
E. She is amazingly fast
F. She has a tail
Question Number 8
Who is Sophie Wender in love with?
A. Spiderboy
B. Batman
C. Superman
D. Gordon Strorm
E. Brad Pitt
F. Michael Smith
Question Number 9
Which of these are the members of the telepathic group at the end of the book?
A. Rosalind, David, Petra, Michael, Rachel, Mark
B. Mark, John, David, Patrick, Michael, Rosalind
C. Marcus, Cole, Dom, Baird, Hoffman, Dizzy
D. Barney, Bill, Ben, Bert, Bart, Barbara, Bob
E. Rosalind, David, Petra, Michael, Rachel, Mark, Anne
F. Skinner, David, Petra, Michael, Rachel
Question Number 10
Who comes to the group's rescue?
A. The Waterworld woman
B. Angus Morton
C. Uncle Axel
D. Johnny Depp
E. The Sealand Woman
F. Elias Strorm
Question Number 11
What is the author's main message?
A. Practise makes perfect
B. The Force is strong with this one
C. Despite how different they seem, all humans are the same.
D. The Waknuk people are blind, and they do not see the truth
E. Humans are unique, they all see things in different ways.
F. Luke, I am your father.
Question Number 12
Which of these affected the author's writing the most?
A. The A-bombing in Japan
B. Hitler's discrimination to Jews
C. nine eleven
D. Elvis Presley's death
E. His parents divorcing when he was at a young age
F. Watching too much Pokemon
Question Number 13
Which of these three people ahd similar views?
A. Joseph Strorm, Sealand woman, The Inspector
B. Joseph Strorm, Jerome Skinner, Rosalind Morton
C. MIchael, David, Gordon Strorm
D. Sealand Woman, Old Jacob, Joseph Strorm
E. Angus McCloud, Nanny McPhee, Hans Moleman
F. Homer Simpson, Batman, The Joker
Question Number 14
Which of these books survived Tribulation?
A. The Bible
B. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
C. Nicholson's Repentances
D. The Gospel According to Jimbob
E. The Qur'an
F. A geography textbook
Question Number 15
Final Question- What genre of book is The Chrysalids?
A. Post-apocalyptic science-fiction
B. Romance
C. Comedy
D. Utopian sicence-fiction
E. Drama
F. Mainstream
Question Number 16
Did you enjoy the book?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. Why do you care?
E. It was okay
F. It sucked

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