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  Ed Edd n Eddy quiz 2 <3 Quiz
Question Number 1
What is Double D's real name?
A. Martin
B. Eddward
C. Joseph
D. Mark
E. Eddy
F. Nazz
Question Number 2
How old are Ed Edd n Eddy said to be ? ( not the show each boy individually )
A. 10
B. 9
C. 12
D. 67
E. 35
F. 100
Question Number 3
Was Edd born in the cul-da-sac ?
A. Yes
B. No
Question Number 4
In what show do you see Ed Edd n Eddy as babies?
A. Who,what,where,Ed
B. An Ed too many
C. Key to my Ed
D. Every which way but Ed
E. Boom boom out goes the Ed
F. The edtouchables
Question Number 5
What does Edd wear?
A. Yellow shirt with blue shorts
B. Red and white striped shirt with a green jacket
C. Red-orange shirt with purple shorts
D. Green shirt with a red hat and black shorts
E. Light blue shirt with dark blue pants
F. None of the above
Question Number 6
In which show does Eddy call Double D 88 fingers Eddward?
A. Key to my Ed
B. Avast ye Eds
C. The Eds are coming
D. Nagged to Ed
E. Ed and seek
F. The edtouchables
Question Number 7
In Ed Edd n Eddy's big picture show,what is 1 of the pranks Ed and Eddy pull on Double D?
A. Getting shot
B. Sinking in quicksand
C. Drowning
D. Getting strangled by an animal
E. Getting eaten by an animal
F. None of the above
Question Number 8
How does Double D react to Ed and Eddy's prank?
A. Forgives them that second
B. Yells and decides to leave them and not be their friend
C. Kills them
D. None of the above
Question Number 9
What does Eddy do that makes Double D feel like crap after he yells at him?
A. He goes on without Double D
B. He cries and admits he's wrong
C. He goes home and gets beat up by the other kids
D. None of the above
Question Number 10
What does Ed name the boat in Ed Edd n Eddy's big picture show?
A. S.S duck
B. S.S birdie
C. S.S mutant almost a chicken duck
D. None of the above

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