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Question Number 1
The biggest bone you have is
A. Tibia
B. Clavicle
C. Sternum
D. Femur
E. Cranium
Question Number 2
The bone in your skill that is moveable
A. Clavicle
B. Mandible
C. Patella
D. Fibula
Question Number 3
The adult body has _____ rigid bones
A. 400
B. 206
C. 108
D. 96
E. 42
Question Number 4
When the guy in the Ultimate Guide Video cut himself, his skin would not heal so
A. they cut his arm off
B. they cut his leg off
C. they put on loads of band aids
D. they used artificial skin, grown in a lab, from baby skin
E. they used artificial skin made from oil
F. they just said "Too bad dude"
Question Number 5
The LARGEST ORGAN you have is
A. bones
B. liver
C. heart
D. femur
E. skin
F. hair
Question Number 6
One function the skin DOES NOT have is
A. cooling you off
B. storing minerals
C. protection
D. sensory data collection
E. holding "stuff" together
Question Number 7
Muscles can only
A. contract
B. expand
C. lengthen
D. get longer
E. stretch
F. move
Question Number 8
To MOVE the body, you need all these systems except:
A. muscles
B. bones
C. smell
D. nerves
E. circulatory
Question Number 9
To move a limb (like your arm) you need to have more than ___ muscles in action
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Question Number 10
Astronauts will need artificial _______ to help them recover from long space trips.
A. parties
B. medicine
C. air
D. water
E. sleep
F. gravity
Question Number 11
IN your body, there are over _______________ cells.
A. 5,000,000,000
B. 6,000,000,000,000
C. 7,000,000,000,000
D. 8,000,000
E. 90,000
Question Number 12
True or False - They can replace cartilage in every joint of a body
Question Number 13
True or False - They can fix a knee problem with a joint replacement
Question Number 14
True or False - You actually use your brain to smell things
Question Number 15
True or False - You generate enough heat to boil one cup of water.
A. Kinda, I think that is what the video said
Question Number 16
Your skin is water
A. "resistant" ( water can go through it)
B. "proof" (water runs off it)
C. "tight" (No water gets in or out)
D. "repellant" (water bounces off ALL the time)
Question Number 17
Your skeleton will never be more than ____ years old
A. 5
B. 8
C. 10
D. 15
E. 50
F. 90
Question Number 18
True or False - The Eiffel Tower was designed with bones in mind
A. T - it was lighter and stronger
B. F- dude, it is made out of metal- "Hello!"
C. Where is the Eiffel Tower?
D. Huh?
Question Number 19
The main difference explained in the video, is that Goldfish can
A. they swim and people cannot
B. they are not all gold, they are really orange!
C. they are related to sharks
D. have really tiny brains, just like 8th graders!
E. there were fish, in THAT video????
F. regenerate their optic nerve, and humans cannot
Question Number 20
Your bones are actually stronger than ______ by how much shock they absorb.
A. tinfoil
B. waterballoons
C. wood
D. diamonds
E. granite
F. copper pipe
Question Number 21
Sweat is made up of _______
A. salt
B. water
C. oil
D. waste products
E. all the above
Question Number 22
Goosebumps are from
A. finding that right "someone"
B. muscles raising hairs, due to cold or fear
C. monster movies
D. Scholastic Books, I love 'em
E. California
F. just cold weather or water
Question Number 23
The best way (besides diet) to keep bones healthy is to
Question Number 24
True or False or better - The number of bones of a baby are MORE than an adult.
C. NO WAY, babies are smaller.
D. YES WAY, they have cartilage where bone will form later
Question Number 25
The number of muscles attached to a bone relate to ___
A. how big the bone is
B. how complicated the movements will be
C. how much blood will be needed by the muscle
D. how tall you are
E. how much you "pump iron" like "AH-nold" the Govern-Ator
Question Number 26
The only type of muscle which can get fatigued (tired) is :
A. smooth (organ)
B. cardiac (heart)
C. skeletal
D. fast muscles
E. involuntary
F. voluntary
Question Number 27
The only type of muscle which can NEVER get fatigued (tired) is :
A. smooth (organ)
B. cardiac (heart)
C. skeletal
D. none of these
E. involuntary
F. voluntary
Question Number 28
WITH TRAINING in yoga (and time!) You can learn to control EVEN MANY ____ MUSCLES
A. smooth (organ)
B. cardiac (heart)
C. skeletal
D. none of these
E. involuntary
F. voluntary

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