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  Plate tectonic Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the concept that adding or removing a weight from the earth's crust causes it to depress or rebound?
A. Continental drift
B. Isotasy
C. Plate tectonic
D. Rifting
E. Seafloor spreading
F. none
Question Number 2
What name did Alfred Wegener give to his theory of horizontal crustal movements?
A. Continental drift
B. Isotasy
C. Plate tectonic
D. Rifting
E. Seafloor spreading
F. all of the above
Question Number 3
When Pangea was formed?
A. 270 ma ago
B. 243 ma ago
C. 111 ma ago
D. none of the above
Question Number 4
Pangea began to break a part over.......
A. 220 ma ago
B. 270 ma ago
C. 200 ma ago
D. i don't know
Question Number 5
A new supercontinent will form at some point in the future
A. agree
B. disagree
C. may be
Question Number 6
What name did Wegener give to his proposed single supercontinent?
A. Eurasia
B. Gondwanaland
C. Pangea
D. Laurasia
Question Number 7
What type(s) of evidence did Wegener use to support his theory?
A. Distributions of fossil plants and animals
B. Distributions of modern plants and animals
C. Geographic fit of the continents and features thereon
D. Paleoclimatic oddities such as glacial till, coral reefs, and coal
E. All of the above
Question Number 8
Which modern continents were derived from Gondwanaland?
A. Africa, Antarctica, Australia, India, South America
B. Africa, Antarctica, Australia, North America, South America
C. Asia, Europe, India, North America, South America
D. Africa, Antarctica, Australia, North America, South America
E. none of the above
Question Number 9
Plate-moving convection currents are located in which layer?
A. Mantle
B. Inner core
C. Crust
D. All of the above
Question Number 10
Inner core is....
A. Solid
B. Dense
C. Magnetic
D. All of the above

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