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  Mw2; Modern Warfare 2 QUiZ (: Quiz
Question Number 1
What KillStreak is the EASIEST to get ?
A. Care Package
B. AC 130
C. Tactical Nuke
E. Pave lo
Question Number 2
Which Weapon is mainly used for quick-Scoping ?
A. SPAS - 12
B. Intervention
C. WA 2000
D. Stinger
E. AK 47
Question Number 3
What happends when you die in a game of Search and Destroy ?
A. Psh. You obviously respawn...
B. Wtf idk?
C. Spectate .
D. Die and leave the game:)
E. Ghostcam .
Question Number 4
Which Killstreak requires 9 kills in a row ?
A. Chopper Gunner
B. Pave Lo
D. Harrier Strike
E. Counter UAV
Question Number 5
Which Game system is the BEST for MW2? :)
A. xbox 360
B. Wii
C. Ps3
D. Nintendo DS
Question Number 6
Which gun did Infinity Ward over-power ?
A. TAR-21
B. AK 47
C. PP 2000
D. UMP 45
Question Number 7
in A Quick-Scoping lobby, When your 1 kill away from winning Free for All, what do you do ?
A. Shoot us with shot guns :)
B. Just QuickScope me and get it over with ! Fuck .
C. Make a nice match winning kill cam .
D. Knife a noob .
E. Spray us with your RPD . Cuz we enjoy dieing .
Question Number 8
(XBOX360) When you mod your gamertag from your computer, what do you use ?
A. Modio (ONLY)
B. 360 Xplorer and Modio
C. 360 Final Touchez
D. Xport 360, Modio, and EzGT 2.2
E. EzGT 2.2 and 360 Xplorer
Question Number 9
How do you Get attension/Flirt/mess around with your teammate during a Mw2 match ( Supposedly a Girl )
A. Try to kill them . Yep . Shows LOTS of affection .
C. Spin in circles in their face and Jump around like an idiot .
D. Knife her/him .
E. Both C and D
F. None of the Above
Question Number 10
What is it like in a 10th Prestige lobby ?
B. Kill yourself (Sometimes works with enemies) and get multiple points .
C. You jump in the air REALLY high .
D. All answers above are correct .
E. it Gives you a list of Prestiges you wanna be and you choose one .
Question Number 11
ENEMY TATICAL NUKE IN-COMMING ! We're gonna die! Theres no way to stop it ! Except for...
A. Running out of the map away from the nuke as fast as you can .
B. Use an EMP after the nuke has been called in .
C. Fall in to last stand .
D. Shoot it down .
E. it's Impossible . Might as-well die ?
Question Number 12
Can you kill your teammate with a fallen care-package ?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Possibly ...
Question Number 13
What level/rank do you must be to unlock the Model-1887 ?
A. level 70 Commander
B. level 28
C. level 56
D. level 19
E. level 67
Question Number 14
What does the 7th Prestige symbol look like ?
A. A Red star with a Gold circle in the middle
B. A soccer ball .
C. A Golden star .
D. A Golden circle with a black skull in front .
E. It Kinda looks like a Puffer fish :/ ...
Question Number 15
WHICH clan tag is NOT aloud ?
A. Pi$$
B. Cum
C. Poop
D. Fngr
E. Pssy

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