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  simpsons Quiz
Question Number 1
what was the name of lisa's first cat?
A. snuggle
B. mikkie
C. snowball
D. furball
E. snowball2
F. fluffy
Question Number 2
why did homer loose all his hair?
A. he was stresses
B. marge had kids
C. he was drinking to much
D. his shampoo made it fall out
E. he had an accident a the power plant
F. he just too old
Question Number 3
what does bart usually have in his back pocket?
A. a pocket knife
B. candy
C. a comic book
D. a rock
E. a sling shot
F. school books
Question Number 4
when bart devoriced his parents, who did he stay with?
A. a bum
B. pattie&selma
C. grandpa
D. tony hawk
E. professional skateboreders
F. he was by him self
Question Number 5
why was homer smoking weed?
A. crows picked at his eyes
B. cats gave him rabies
C. he was bored
D. he hated ducks
E. he watched to much tv
F. u have no clue
Question Number 6
what was barts biggest pet?
A. a whale
B. dog
C. cat
D. elephant
E. horse
F. garraff
Question Number 7
what kind of beer does homer drink?
A. buzz
B. alpine
C. budwiser
D. who cares
E. unknown
F. duff
Question Number 8
how did bart get the elephant?
A. he found it wondering the streets
B. he saved it from the tar
C. he won it from a radio station
D. it was a christmas presant
E. he bought it from saved birthday and christmas money
F. he didnt have an elephant!
Question Number 9
whos was lisa's first kiss?
A. her cat
B. homer
C. krusty
D. she hasnt had her first kiss
E. nelson
F. me
Question Number 10
what did bart try to steal from Try-N-Save?
A. a hat
B. a ball
C. a coat
D. a game
E. candy
F. a necklace for marge
Question Number 11
In Treehouse of Horror II, what did Lisa wish for on the monkey paw?
A. for all the weapons to be gone
B. money
C. to end world hunger
D. for every 1 to be a vegitairan
E. she didnt make a wish
F. world peace
Question Number 12
what did homer catch apu doin that ruinded apu's marrage?
A. having sex with a slushi lady
B. selling roitin food
C. working late
D. sleeping on the job
E. apu didnt do anythin
F. u have no clue!
Question Number 13
how tall is marge, including hair?
A. 6'1
B. 7'6
C. 8'6
D. 9'1
E. 8'3
F. 7'9
Question Number 14
what was homers first word?
A. food
B. mommy
C. donut
D. beer
E. doh'!
F. dunno
Question Number 15
who shot mr. burns
A. smithers
B. homer
C. maggie
D. bart
E. ralph
F. a monkey
Question Number 16
what does homer have a fear of?
A. monkeys
B. the waterhole
C. court
D. bart
E. sock puppets
F. he's fearless!!
Question Number 17
what wat lisa' first word?
A. book
B. bart
C. mommy
D. art
E. saxaphone
F. unknown
Question Number 18
how much did homer have to weigh to go on disability?
A. 600lb
B. 500lb
C. 400lb
D. 300lb
E. 200lb
F. 800lb
Question Number 19
According to the Career Aptitude Normalizing Test, what is Lisa going to be?
A. a homaker
B. a scientist
C. a presdant
D. a chef
E. what Career Aptitude Normalizing Test?
F. the results were unknown
Question Number 20
What class did Homer fail in high school?
A. english
B. Remedial Science 1A
C. chemistry
D. gym
E. detetion
F. french
Question Number 21
How old is Homer?
A. 34
B. 35
C. 36
D. 37
E. 38
F. 39
Question Number 22
what is homers fav. song?
A. he doesnt have a fav. song
B. stop!..by spice girls
C. its raining men
Question Number 23
Who was born first, Patty or Selma?
A. selma
B. patty
C. they were born at the same time, there twins!

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