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  9weeksScience Quiz
Question Number 1
Which of these is NOT matter?
A. a cloud
B. your hair
C. sunshine
D. the sun
Question Number 2
Which of the following is NOT a chemical property?
A. reactivity with oxygen
B. flammablity
C. reactivity with acid
D. malleability
Question Number 3
You accidentally break your pencil in half. This is an example of
A. physical change
B. chemical change
C. density
D. volume
Question Number 4
Which of the following pairs of objects would have the greatest attraction towards each other due to gravity
A. a 10 kg object and a 10 kg object 4 m apart
B. a 5 kg object and a 5 kg object 4 m apart
C. a 5kg object and and a 5 kg object, 2m apart
D. a 10 kg objects and a 10 kg object 2m apart
Question Number 5
Inertia increases as ________ increases.
A. time
B. length
C. mass
D. volume
Question Number 6
An amount of vinegar would be expressed in _ for scientific experiments.
A. centirmeters or meter
B. grams or milligrams
C. liters or milliliters
D. ounces or gallons
Question Number 7
Which of the following is NOT a physical property of matter
A. duetility
B. color
C. thermal conductivity
D. reactivity to water
Question Number 8
During physical changes, matter always retain its...
A. size
B. identity
C. state
D. texture
Question Number 9
Your wieght could be expressed in which of the following units?
A. pounds
B. newtons
C. kilograms
D. Both (a) and (b)
Question Number 10
One way to cmpare the densities of oil and water is to pour the liquids into a glass container and observe how they
A. change color
B. separate into layers
C. evaporate quickly
D. creat an odor
Question Number 11
The amount of space taken up by an object is known as the objects
A. mass
B. weight
C. inertia
D. volume
Question Number 12
to measure the volume of water correctly, read the scale on the graduated cylinder at the _______ part of the meniscus
A. Lowest
B. outer
C. highest
D. None of the above
Question Number 13
The volume of a solid may be expressed in
A. L^3
B. L^2
C. m^3
D. m^2
Question Number 14
Gravity affects an object's
A. weight
B. mass
C. volume
D. smell
Question Number 15
A man on Earth weighs 900 N. The gravitaional force excerted by the moon is one-sixth of the force excerted by Earth. On the moon the man's
A. weight would be 900N
B. mass would be 900N
C. weight would be 150 N
D. weight would be 5400 N
Question Number 16
The weight of an object depends on
A. the mass of the object
B. the mass of the Earth
C. the distance between the object and the Earth
D. All of the above
Question Number 17
Tom's 7-year-old brother is more difficult to pick up than his 2-year-old sister because
A. his brother has more inertia
B. his sister has more inertia
C. boys are always heavier than girls
D. his brother has less mass than his sister
Question Number 18
Which of the following is an example of a physical change?
A. A silver spoon tarnishing
B. A cake baking in an oven
C. the popsicle melting
D. a car rusting

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