Question Number 1
What is this quiz about?
A. Plant cell
B. Animal cell
C. Diffusion
D. Enzyme
E. Osmosis
F. All of the above
Question Number 2
What does plant cell have that animal don't
A. Nucleus
B. Cell Membrane
C. Cell wall
D. Mitochrondria
E. Ribosome
F. Vacuole
Question Number 3
What happen to the plant cell in pure water?
A. Burst
B. Won't burst
C. Shrink
D. Expand
E. A and C
F. B and D
Question Number 4
What is the funtion of the chloroplast?
A. Contain Chlorophyll
B. Contain Starch grains
C. Absorb sunlight to produce grains (photosynthesis)
D. Control what goes in and out of the cell
E. Contain DNA
F. Control the Cell
Question Number 5
You will not find a cell wall in which of these kinds of organisms?
A. animal
B. plant
C. fungi
D. all of the above