Grade 5 Basic Test Addition Quiz
Question Number 1
You page is in PORTRAIT, when...
A. it appears down (vertical)
B. sideways (horizontal)
C. upside down
Question Number 2
Graphics is another term for...
A. Graphs
B. Tables
C. Pictures
D. Fonts
Question Number 3
The keypad for the numbers on the right of the keyboard is called...
A. The numeric keypad
B. numbers keys
C. arrow keys
D. Scroll lock
Question Number 4
To move a graphic, you click on the ....
A. Little white nodes and drag
B. printer
C. the border of the graphic and drag
D. right click and copy and paste
Question Number 5
Earphones go into the green port
A. Yes
B. No
C. Any port, it does not matter