brain master quizzes .ca Quiz
Question Number 1
a rabbi is a jewish
A. lawyer
B. doctor
C. teacher
D. thief
Question Number 2
the frist five book of the jewsh holy book is know as the
A. koran OR quran
B. bible
C. vedas
D. torah
Question Number 3
another name of star of david is the
A. sword of david
B. shield of david
C. son of david
D. spear of david
Question Number 4
muslims workship in
A. mosque
B. mandir
C. synagogue
D. church
Question Number 5
the people of the islamic group are called
A. isams
B. jew
C. christian
D. muslims
Question Number 6
how many names do muslims have for god
A. 199
B. 69
C. 99
D. 39
Question Number 7
muslims came to the carbbean as
A. hotel worker
B. office worker
C. indentured worker
D. security worker
Question Number 8
hinduism is the ______________ of the major world religons
A. yongest
B. smallest
C. oldest
D. largest
Question Number 9
hiduism originated from
A. africa
B. england
C. asia
D. india