algebra Quiz
Question Number 1
are you gay
A. yes
B. no
C. maybe
D. a little
E. tiny bit
F. full on butt sex
Question Number 2
A. x=3
B. x=9
C. x=8
D. x=90
E. x=4
F. x=123546374
Question Number 3
do you like to put things in your bum
A. hell ya
B. f no
C. only my finger
D. only my head
Question Number 4
A. x=1
B. x=3
C. x=7
D. x=2
Question Number 5
did you have fun with this quiz
A. ya
B. nah
C. a little
D. a lot
E. the guy who made this is cool
F. im stupid
Question Number 6
last question... xyz=27
A. x=9
B. x=8
C. x=5
D. x=3
E. x=90
F. x=poo