places Quiz
Question Number 1
how many time zones are there in the world?
A. 6
B. 87
C. 37
D. 40
E. 490
F. 12
Question Number 2
population of london?
A. 468000
B. 1475493759
C. 17890400
D. 755400
E. 1
F. 155600
Question Number 3
which place is the tomato festival held?
A. spain
B. irland
C. france
D. belgum
E. netherland
F. none
Question Number 4
capital of greenlnd
A. drrfg
B. nuak
C. frat
D. kayak
E. inut
F. huskies
Question Number 5
in which country is angorwat?
A. laos
B. phillipines
C. cambodia
D. thailand
E. east timaor
F. myamar