skateboarding Quiz
Question Number 1
who is the best vert skater in the worl
A. bucky lasek
B. toney hawk
C. bob burnquist
D. rodney mullen
E. andrew reaynolds
Question Number 2
whos is the best alive old school skater
A. tony alva
B. rodney mullen
C. daewon song
Question Number 3
is skateboarding for girls
A. yes
B. no
Question Number 4
what is the best old school board
A. the snake
B. the rabbit
C. the alligator
D. the hawk
E. the horse
F. the lizard
Question Number 5
what color whats the gold trofy at the am jam
A. gold
B. bronze
C. silver
D. platinum
Question Number 6
about how many pro skaters are in the world?
A. 25
B. 100
C. 800
D. 1,000
E. 1,062
Question Number 7
whos better at street skating
A. rondney mullen
B. daewon song