are you science expert? Quiz
Question Number 1
which is the third nearest planet to sun?
A. mars
B. mercury
C. venus
D. earth
E. neptune
F. satrun
Question Number 2
which is the chemical formula for water?
A. c
B. 02c
C. 020
D. 0
E. co2
F. c20
Question Number 3
which of these are muscles of heart?
A. cardiac
B. involuntary
C. voluntary
D. backbone
E. kidney
F. lungz
Question Number 4
The motion of hands of clock are in ____________motion.
A. periodic
B. rectangle
C. square
D. circular
E. rotational
F. double
Question Number 5
The brain is protected by __________.
A. bone
B. skull
C. backbone
D. arm bone
E. leg bone
F. wrist bone