yo yo honey singh Quiz
Question Number 1
what are the synonyms of talking
A. xbkajcn
B. astha
C. gossip ,lecture
D. muttering ,furious
E. sheffy,aastha
F. adfkj & KAA;LJFG
Question Number 2
A. china
B. autria
C. bhutan
D. india
E. america
F. japan
Question Number 3
which is the famous dish of japan
A. pizza
B. chocolate
C. toffee
D. biscuit
E. mexican
F. momos
Question Number 4
what will be the short sms form of 'fine'
A. fin
B. fn
C. fni
D. fine
E. fi9
F. f6789
Question Number 5
which of the following is not tv channel
A. monika
B. sab
C. sony
D. zee
E. bindaas
F. zoom
Question Number 6
which of the following is our one senses from 5
A. nose
B. legs
C. kidneys
D. lungs
E. hand
F. heart