gk from nitesh chahar Quiz
Question Number 1
where is hitler born
A. india
B. germany
C. pakistan
D. austria
E. u.k.
F. u.s.a
Question Number 2
who invent www (world wide web)
A. nitesh chahar
B. nikita man
C. monika chahar
D. suresh chahar
E. sir timothy john
F. pooja
Question Number 3
in which game left hand does not allow to use
A. basket ball
B. badmintan
C. bolyball
D. polo
E. chess
F. cricket
Question Number 4
which is largest muesum
A. british muesum
B. india muesum
C. nikita muesum
D. nitesh muesum
E. king muesum
F. sainik muesum
Question Number 5
which is national bird of pakistan
A. chukar
B. peacock
C. swan
D. humming bird
E. nobody
F. crow