Biology and chemistry for grade 7 Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the latin name of leech?
A. Hirudo Medicinalis
B. Hirudo medicinalis
C. Hiruto mediainalis
D. Hirudo medisinalis
Question Number 2
What is the result of a filtration?
A. Filtrat
B. Residu
C. Decitat
D. Filtratied
Question Number 3
What is the function of smooth endoplasmic reticulum?
A. To syntesize the protein
B. To be a secretion organel
C. Resporation the energy
D. To synthesize molecules of lipid, phospholipid and steroid
Question Number 4
What is the characteristic of an acid?
A. The taste is sour
B. The tast isn't sour
C. Corrosive
D. Giving an oxygen if reactied by a silver
Question Number 5
An Ecosystem which is made on purpose by humans is ...
A. Synthesize ecosystem
B. Succesion ecosystem
C. Natural ecosystem
D. Artificial ecosystem
Question Number 6
What is the chemistry name of Calsium Hydroxide?
B. Ca(O2H)
C. Ca(OH)2
D. (Ca(OH)2)
Question Number 7
The definition of consumers is .,,
A. All producers eaters
B. All living organism that eat other living organism
C. All animal eaters
D. All wild animals
Question Number 8
What is he meaning of boiling?
A. Evorations that occur the top liquids
B. Evaporation that all occur at the all liquids
C. Evaporatin that all occur at the air
D. Evaporations thats all occuring some body
Question Number 9
Natural preservation done in the habitat of animal or plant is called ... Preservation.
A. Ex situ
B. Forest reserve
C. Natural reserve
D. In situ
Question Number 10
Substance that has the electric conductivity is..l
A. Alluminium and glass
B. Alluminium and coppor
C. Iron and rubber
D. Iron and plastic