Geometry Quiz
Question Number 1
It is an non- adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines
A. Adjacent angle
B. Acute angle
C. Obtuse angle
D. Vertical angles
E. Straight angle
F. Right angle
Question Number 2
Are 3 or more lines that have a common end point.
A. Parallel lines
B. Intersecting lines
C. Concurrent lines
D. Perpendicular line
E. Segment
F. Segment bisector
Question Number 3
A segment joining any 2 nonconsecutive vertices.
A. Diagonal
B. Consecutive sides
C. Included sides
D. Consecutive angle
E. Included angle
F. Polygon
Question Number 4
The polygonal region that bend inward.
A. Polygonal region
B. Convex
C. Concave
D. Interior
E. Convertex
F. External
Question Number 5
A segment, ray, line or a plane that intersects a segment as it's midpoint.
A. Intersecting line
B. Intersecting line
C. Parallel line
D. Segment
E. Perpendicular line
F. Segment bisector
Question Number 6
Are points lie on the same line.
A. Coplanar points
B. Collinear points
C. Space
D. Figure
E. Non Coplanar points
F. Non Collinear points