Question Number 1
what is biology?
A. study of computer
B. study of math
C. study of life
D. study of any thing
Question Number 2
what is the smallest or basic of life?
A. cell
B. organs
C. tissues
D. atom
Question Number 3
it is a very large molecule. called _________.
A. glucose
C. water
D. macromolecule
Question Number 4
what are organelles?
A. are tiny tissues
B. are tiny organs,cell,basic
C. are tiny particles
D. are tiny bits
Question Number 5
it is the entire living thing __________.
A. microorganism
B. species
C. organism
D. organ
Question Number 6
what is the main part of the cell?
A. vacuoles
B. cytoplasm
C. nuclear
D. nucleus
Question Number 7
________ are guide chromosomes during cell division.
A. centrioles
B. mitochondria
C. ribosomes
D. cell wall
Question Number 8
_______ system is made of a series of glands that produce chemicals called hormones
A. digestive
B. endocrine
C. lymphatic
D. circulatory
Question Number 9
what are the organs of endocrine system?
A. heart, blood, blood vessels
B. hypothalamus, thyroid, pineal gland, pituitary gland
C. mouth, stomach
D. nose, kidney
Question Number 10
what are the two kinds of plant systems
A. dicot and monocot
B. stem and leave system
C. shoot and root systems