master science Quiz
Question Number 1
tomato has
A. malic acud
B. lactic acid
C. formic acid
D. tartaric acid
E. citric acid
F. oxalic acid
Question Number 2
how many bones are there in a human body?
A. 200
B. 206
C. 203
D. 202
E. 209
F. 309
Question Number 3
moor punkh is the example of ........
A. conifer
B. mosses
C. ferns
D. dicots
E. monocots
F. algae
Question Number 4
formula of sodium chloride
A. NaCl
B. nacl
C. p
D. h
E. mg
F. fe
Question Number 5
which one is the example of protozoa?
A. soap
B. detegents
C. sulphuric acid
D. nitrogen
E. potassium
F. plasmodium
Question Number 6
which zodiac sign is the lukiest sign?
A. leo
B. libra
C. virgo
D. taurus
E. cancer
F. sagittarius
Question Number 7
which zodiac sign is family oriented?
A. leo
B. aries
C. pisces
D. virgo
E. sagittarius
F. cancer