Question Number 1
What is the smallest unit of life;
A. Nucleus
B. Cell
C. Brain
D. Heart
E. Hair
F. Skin
Question Number 2
What is the sucidial bag of cell;
A. Lysosome
B. Mitochondriya
C. Ribosomes
D. Golgi body
E. Nucleus
F. Vacuole
Question Number 3
From which protein hairs are made up of;
A. Lymph
B. Amino acids
C. Lactin
D. Keratin
E. Skin
F. Heart
Question Number 4
Bile juice is stored in;
A. Gall bladder
B. Liver
C. Stomach
D. Head
E. Brain
F. Intestine
Question Number 5
Haemoglobin helps in;
A. Digestion
B. Circulation
C. Respiration
D. Reproduction
E. Growth
F. All of above
Question Number 6
Master gland is;
A. Thymus
B. Hypothalamus
C. Aristotle
D. Pushpu
E. Pitutary
F. Pineal
Question Number 7
Bionomial nomenclature system was given by;
A. Carolus lineus
B. Aritotle
C. Leeunwenhoek
D. J.C bose
E. Whittaker
F. Ivanowaski
Question Number 8
Amoeba is;
A. Multicellular
B. Acellular
C. Unicellular
Question Number 9
Control room of cell is:
A. Amoeba
B. Nucleus
C. Ribosome
D. R.N.A
E. D.N.A
Question Number 10
Numer of salivary glands in human body;
A. Three
B. One
C. Pushpendra
D. Four
E. Five
F. Two