sitcoms Quiz
Question Number 1
what show is will smith on
A. fresh prince
B. mash
C. golden girls
D. 8 simple rules
E. none
F. cosby show
Question Number 2
how many girls live in the golden girls
A. 7
B. 1
C. 23
D. 4
E. 5
F. 9
Question Number 3
what is the theme song for charmed
A. how soon is now
B. how soon
C. book of shadows
D. witches
E. the charmed ones
F. none
Question Number 4
who is aunt becky married to
A. danny
B. steve
C. joey
D. comet
E. jesse
F. none
Question Number 5
what are the last name of the family in home improvement
A. allens
B. none
C. moore
D. borlands
E. all
F. taylors
Question Number 6
how many people live the full house
A. 2
B. 3
C. 7
D. 67
E. 9
F. 8
Question Number 7
is jack tripper gay on threes company
A. maybe
B. yes
C. who cares
D. no
E. none
F. i do not know
Question Number 8
what city does golden girls live in
A. lanford
B. miami
C. philli
D. none
E. san francisco
F. all
Question Number 9
are the charmed ones witches
A. no
B. yes
C. none
D. maybe
E. hell yes
F. sure