KSP Grade 5 Computer Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
A 2 Gig memory stick is equal to how many Mega bytes.
A. 20 Terra bytes
B. 2 Kb
C. 200 Gigs
D. 2000 mega bytes
Question Number 2
When a computer malfuntions we switch it off and on again, this is called a_______.
A. Power up
B. Fixer upper
D. Reboot
E. Html
Question Number 3
What programme would you make slide show on?
A. Word
B. Paints
C. Power point
D. Excel
Question Number 4
Which one is a browser?
A. Yahoo
B. chrome
C. Windows 10
D. Microsoft
E. google
Question Number 5
What is an upload?
A. Installing a file
B. Waiting for a game to load
C. Sending a file from your computer to the internet
D. Upgrading your computer
E. Rebooting
Question Number 6
A GIF is a _________.
A. A jpg
B. A song
C. A moving picture
D. A yellow folder
Question Number 7
If you saved your power point presentation where it save to.
A. Start
B. Documents
C. Downloads
D. Pictures
E. Windows
Question Number 8
What does USB stand for ?
A. Understand search backup
B. Universal serial bus
C. Uninterpted soure bis
D. User supply browser
Question Number 9
What is the file type Mp4 associated with
A. Pictures
B. Music
C. Video clips
D. Moving pictures
Question Number 10
What is the short cut to open fle explorer?
A. Win+E
B. ALT+ 4
C. ctrl+P
D. ctrl+C
E. shift+7
Question Number 11
If you downloaded a wav sound clip where would you find it?
A. Pictures
B. Download
C. Memory stick
D. Music
E. Computer
Question Number 12
1000 GB is equal to_____?
A. 10 Mega bytes
B. Pictures
C. A Giga byte
D. 1 Terra byte
E. Hardware
Question Number 13
The short cut for copy and paste is ____________
A. Ctrl+c and ctrl+p
B. Win+c and win +p
C. Ctrl+c and Ctrl +v
D. Shift+c and shift+P
Question Number 14
Power point animations use which sound files?
A. Mp3
B. Gif
C. Wav
D. Mp4
Question Number 15
What is google?
A. A memory stick
B. A search engine
C. A browser
D. A computer