are you a tv hog Quiz
Question Number 1
your average amount of tv hours
A. 0-2
B. 3 or more
Question Number 2
Whens the last time you spent outside leisure time. Like walks, gardening, skiing, ec
A. today
B. yesterday
C. last week
D. i cant remember
Question Number 3
do you watch soap operas if so how many hours in the week days?
A. no i do not watch
B. five
C. ten
D. fifteen
E. one
Question Number 4
do you watch sports?
A. yes, baseball
B. no
C. yes,football
D. yes, soccer
E. yes,basketball
F. yes, other
Question Number 5
how do you spend free time? not spending time with animals besides horses. and walking dogs.
A. outside
B. watching tv
C. reading
D. playing games
E. walking dogs
F. riding horses
Question Number 6
do you get mad when somthing happens and you miss your show? for example a child screams becuase they got hurt.
A. yes
B. no
Question Number 7
do you watch the news
A. yes all the time non stop!
B. no somtimes though like 9/11