love quize Quiz
Question Number 1
if a scientist is studying methords of human insulin's inserting in bectaria which branch of bio it may be
A. anatomy
B. physiology
C. biotechnology
D. pharmacology
E. morphology
F. a and b
Question Number 2
the study of inheritance is called
A. morphology
B. histology
C. genetics
D. anatomy
Question Number 3
whera are villi found
A. esophagus
B. stomach
C. small intestine
Question Number 4
micronutrients of plant are
A. available in soil i small amounts
B. required by plants in small amounts
C. usefull but not required by plants
Question Number 5
ulcer occur in
A. stomach
B. esophagus
C. all of these
D. duodenum
Question Number 6
in which of following steps respiration founds
A. kerb cycle
B. glycolysis
C. electron transport chain