Covid-19 Quiz
Question Number 1
Will Corona kill us all?
A. Yes
B. Possibly
C. No
Question Number 2
Which Country brought Corona Virus upon us?
A. U.S.A
B. India
C. China
D. Japan
E. Italy
F. Iran
Question Number 3
You think your failling?
A. Of couse I am
B. Possibly I could be
C. I'm doing horribly
Question Number 4
Who Invented it's Corona time
A. playboierik21 (on TikTok)
B. Corona Extra
C. Some Guy
Question Number 5
Why is Corona Virus called Covid-19?
A. Because it was discovered in 2019
B. Because somebody died by the Corona Virus in 2019
C. Because they sounded simillar to eachother
D. None of the above
Question Number 6
Do you think you are going to get infected by the Virus?
A. Yes
B. Possibly I could be
C. No
D. I don't know anything could happen