interactions and ecosystems Quiz
Question Number 1
what is "secondary succession?"
A. when an introduced plant or animal joins land
B. is when for example when a plant burned and the plant grew back
C. grows and dies and doesn't grow back
D. a gradual growth of an orginism
E. none of the above
Question Number 2
True of flase: pestisite doesn't only kill bugs, it kill plants and animals.
A. true
B. false
Question Number 3
the Celsius scale was created by
A. william thomson
B. lord Kelvin
C. Simon Semere
D. Andres Celsius
Question Number 4
A bimetallic strip is made out of .............
A. two different metals that are joined firmley together
B. two different metal that are twisted together
C. shows how hot or cold an object is
D. the red thing inside a thermometer