Question Number 1
A stone is dropped from rest. How far does it fall in 3 seconds? (g=10m/s^2)
A. 45m.
B. 60m
C. 75m
D. 90m
E. 46m
F. None
Question Number 2
A force of 40N acts on a 8kg mass. Calculate its acceleration.
A. 3m/s^2
B. 4m/s^2
C. 5m/s^2
D. 6m/s^2
E. 4m/s^2
F. None
Question Number 3
Eating a banana enables a person to perform about 4 * 10^3 j of work. To what vertical height does eating banana enable a 50kg women to climb? (g= 10m/s^2)
A. 5m
B. 6m
C. 7m
D. 8m
E. 10m
F. None.
Question Number 4
A body moving with a speed of 30m/s has a kinetic energy of 1800j.what is mass?
A. 1200kg
B. 60kg
C. 4kg
D. 2kg
E. 3kg
F. None
Question Number 5
A ball is thrown vertically upwards with an intial velocity of 30m/s.find its maximum height.Take g= 10m/s^2
A. 4m
B. 46m
C. 45m
D. 1m
E. 7m
F. None
Question Number 6
State the principle of moments
A. C.M=A.C.M
B. Moments=pependicular distance * force
C. For a body to be in equilibrium the sum of moments trying to turn it in clockwise direction is equal to the sum of moments trying to turn it in the anti-clockwise direction
D. All
E. A and c
F. None
Question Number 7
A girl of weight 500 N runs up a flight of stairs in 10seconds.the vertical height of the stairs is 5m.what is the average power developed by the girl?
A. 50w
B. 100w
C. 250w
D. 1000w
E. 75w
F. None