The Marriage of Joseph and Grace Quiz
Question Number 1
How did Grace become interested in nationalism when she was growing up?
A. She attended an Irish speaking school.
B. Her father was a nationalist.
C. Her nanny was a nationalist.
Question Number 2
2. Who did Grace's mother blame for her daughter's involvement with the republicans?
A. Michael Collins
B. Countess Markievicz
C. Patrick Pearse
Question Number 3
3. Where did Grace first meet Joseph?
A. St.Enda's School, Dublin
B. Trinity College
C. The local Sinn Fein Hall
Question Number 4
4. Which two secrets was Joseph keeping from Grace?
A. He was a rugby player and a poet.
B. He was due to take part in the Easter Rising and he was very ill with TB.
C. He was due to take part in the Easter Rising and he was a member of the I.R.B.
Question Number 5
Who did Grace receive a worrying visit from on Holy Saturday?
A. Michael Collins
B. James Connolly
C. Thomas Clarke
Question Number 6
Where was Joseph Plunkett stationed during the Easter Rising?
A. The Four Courts
B. The College of Surgeons
C. The G.P.O
Question Number 7
When did Grace and Joseph get married?
A. Midnight on the eve of his execution
B. At dawn, on the morning of his execution
C. Two days before his execution
Question Number 8
What became of Grace?
A. She married again and had a happy family life.
B. She was killed during the Irish Civil War.
C. She died alone and heartbroken when she was an old woman.