Titanic Quiz
Question Number 1
The spitting scene in which Rose spits in Cal's face was entirely Kate Winslet's idea.
A. True
B. False
Question Number 2
Kate Winslet flashed Leo the first day so they could break the ice for the nude scene.
A. True
B. False
Question Number 3
At what time did the Titanic sink?
A. 1:00am
B. 1:00pm
C. 2:20am
D. 3:00am
Question Number 4
The Titanic was designed to hold 32 lifeboats, how many were on board?
A. 13
B. 17
C. 20
D. 25
E. 40
Question Number 5
A first class (parlor suite) ticket on Titanic cost $4,350, which translates into $50,000 today
A. True
B. False