Question Number 1
eating involes
A. biting chewing and crushing
B. biting felling bleching
C. chewing crushing and smelling
Question Number 2
the stomach wall produce _jucie
A. saliva
B. bile
C. pancreatic
Question Number 3
another word for mositens
A. tasting
B. mixing
C. grinding
Question Number 4
what is the correct form
A. gullet mouth small intestine stomach
B. mouth gullet stomach small intestine
C. mouth stomach small intestine gullet
Question Number 5
another name for alimentary canal
A. intestine
B. digestive tract
C. rectum
Question Number 6
name the two main resources
A. human and physical
B. natural and man made
C. land and climate
Question Number 7
human resource
A. skils
B. roads
C. climate
Question Number 8
what is the heads of goverment called
A. conference
B. summit
C. region
Question Number 9
which part lousie bennt play
A. education
B. socila backrounds
C. journalism
Question Number 10
what is a paragrah
A. is a topic sentence
B. a group of of sentces that develop a main idea
C. is main sentence
Question Number 11
50 + 80 divide by 5 + 50 50 mean
A. 120
B. 5
C. 2