cheska quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Basic science process
A. comparing
B. Science
C. Observing
D. temperature
Question Number 2
Discover the similarities and differences of objects and events.
A. comparing
B. direct observation
C. indirect observation
D. interpret
Question Number 3
Used for supporting test tube.
A. stirring rod
B. beaker
C. test tube
D. test tube rack
Question Number 4
Used to measure the temperature.
A. Glass funnel
B. thermometer
C. meter stick
D. spatula
Question Number 5
Which is NOT belong to the group?
A. blue green bacteria
B. cell wall
C. ameoba
D. euglena
Question Number 6
Is the union of sperm cell and an egg cell.
A. fertilization
B. embryo
C. puberty
D. fetus
Question Number 7
The procces by which an organism produce more of its kind.
A. vas deferes
B. reproduction
C. plant cell
D. ribosomes
Question Number 8
Most important part of the cells activities.
A. cell membrane
B. cel wall
C. cell
D. nucleus
Question Number 9
Contain digestive enzimes.
A. golgi apparatus
B. lysosomes
C. mtichomdrion
D. ribosomes
Question Number 10
Used for stirring liquid.
A. graduated cylinder
B. florence flash
C. stiiring rod
D. beaker