Question Number 1
Define Chemical Change ?
A. Change in physical properties
B. A new substance is formed
C. Change in which chemicals form
D. both a & b
E. Both b & c
F. None
Question Number 2
What are Heterotrophs?
A. Organismns Preparing their own food
B. Organismns who depend on autotrophs for food
C. Organismns which feed on dead & decaying matter
D. Parasites
E. Animals
F. Both b & e
Question Number 3
Which of these is a Autotroph ?
A. Animals
B. Human Beings
C. Plants
D. You
E. All
F. None
Question Number 4
Which organismn feeds on food of other organismn?
A. Saprotroph
B. Decomposer
C. Host
D. Parasite
E. All
F. None