Health Science Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Which cavity of the brain is the largest ?
A. cerebrum
B. cerebellum
C. medulla
D. hypothalamas
Question Number 2
which is not a sensory organ?
A. eye
B. ear
C. liver
D. skin
Question Number 3
How many bones are on the body
A. 377
B. 206
C. 119
D. 4
Question Number 4
What is the largest sensory organ ?
A. eye
B. ear
C. skin
D. nose
Question Number 5
which is the largest internal organ ?
A. liver
B. kidney
C. lungs
D. heart
Question Number 6
what is the resting beat of your heart
A. 70 beats
B. 100 beats
C. 57 beats
D. 130 beats
Question Number 7
which organ in the body is connected to the ear by the auditory nerve ?
A. brain
B. trachea
C. spinal cord
D. ear drum
Question Number 8
what is another name for short sightedness ?
A. glaucoma
B. cataracts
C. hypermyopia
D. myopia
Question Number 9
How many chromosomes is a child born with ?
A. 23
B. 46
C. 33
D. 22
Question Number 10
How long does pregnancy last for ?
A. 1 year
B. 9 months
C. 11 months
D. 3 months