life science Quiz
Question Number 1
Amarbel has which type of nutrition?
A. autrtrophic
B. satrotrophic
C. hetrotrophic
D. insectivorius
Question Number 2
What is pole?
A. cenre of sphere
B. raius of sphere
C. imaginary line
D. centre of mirror
Question Number 3
Where are alpacas found?
A. South America
B. South Africa
C. China
D. Mongolia
E. Arab
F. Egypt
Question Number 4
With the help of which part Hydra takes in food?
A. cilia
B. tentacles
C. hands
D. lid
E. leaf
F. mouth
Question Number 5
What can never be damaged?
A. steel
B. paper
C. milk
D. battery
E. honey
F. silk