Jasper's Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the name of the capital city of Taiwan?
A. London
B. Tokyo
C. Taipei
D. Ottawa
E. Vancouver
F. Tainan
Question Number 2
Which continent Taiwan located?
A. North America
B. Asia
C. Africa
D. South America
E. Europe
F. Australia
Question Number 3
What is the main language that is spoken in Taiwan?
A. English
B. Taiwanese
C. Mandarin
D. Korean
E. Japanese
F. Cantonese
Question Number 4
What colours are there in the Taiwan flag?
A. Red, White and Green
B. Blue, White and Yellow
C. Red, White and Orange
D. Blue, Red and White
E. Yellow, Orange and Green
F. Red, Green and Brown
Question Number 5
What should you be doing now?
A. Trying to get to sleep
B. Texting your bf/gf
C. Trying to pass this quiz
D. Waiting for the bell to ring quick
E. Thinking about what to eat for lunch
F. Chatting with your partner
Question Number 6
What currency is used in Taiwan?
E. Leke
F. FHCI Dollar
Question Number 7
How many Taiwan can fit in to Canada?
A. About 10
B. About 50
C. About 150
D. About 275
E. About 375
F. About 500
Question Number 8
How much TWD can you exchange with 1 CAD?
A. About 1
B. About 10
C. About 30
D. About 50
E. About 100
F. About 150