Biology Quiz
Question Number 1
For each of the following, determine whether it is a cell, tissue, organ, organism, or system
A. Cockroach
B. Banana
C. Kidney
D. Root hair
E. Neuron
F. Brain
Question Number 2
What do sientist use in order to see cells?
A. Slide
B. Binoculars
C. Eyes
D. Microscope
E. Television
F. Computer
Question Number 3
Which of the organelles would you find in an animal cell?
A. Chloroplast
B. Neucleic acid
C. Protein
D. Large vacuole
E. Grana
F. Lysosome
Question Number 4
Plant cells outer covering is
A. Nulear membrane
B. Membrane
C. Cell Wall
D. Cell membrane
E. Tonoplast
F. Outer membrane
Question Number 5
The mitochondrion is responsible for
A. Cellular respiration
B. Protecting the cell
C. Transporting energy
D. Manufacturing energy
E. Catalytic reactions
F. Distribute molecules
Question Number 6
Cytoplasm is a fluid substance filling the space inside the
A. Vacuole
B. Intercellular spaces
C. Cell Membrane
D. Mitochondrion
E. Grana
F. Nucleus