interesting science quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
the rearing of honey bees is called?
A. breeding
B. hybridization
C. husbandry
D. apiculture
Question Number 2
drones are the?
A. male bees
B. queen bee
C. honey bee
D. none of these
Question Number 3
from parents the eye colour is passed on to children through:
A. blood
B. gene
C. cytoplasm
D. structure of cells
Question Number 4
vinegar is produced by:
A. virus
B. bacteria
C. ameoba
D. cell
Question Number 5
In a combination reaction how many products are formed?
A. only one
B. two only
C. one or two only
D. number cannot be specified
Question Number 6
A hydrocarbon is a:
A. carbon found in nature in the free state
B. carbon found in nature in the form of carbonates
C. compound of carbon and hydrogen only
D. compound of carbon found in living matter