Tiger Cub Weather Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
A person who studies the weather is called a?
A. gemologist
B. meteorologist
C. paleontologist
D. geologist
Question Number 2
A thermometer measures what?
A. air pressure
B. wind speed
C. precipitation
D. temperature
Question Number 3
Rain, hail, and snow are all types of:
A. precipitation
B. evaporation
C. transpiration
D. condensation
Question Number 4
Humidity refers to the amount of what in the air?
A. sunlight
B. wind
C. water
D. milk
Question Number 5
Weather refers to what?
A. If it hot or cold outside
B. If it is stormy or calm
C. If it is cloudy or sunny
D. If it is wet or dry
E. All of the above
Question Number 6
Whenever _________ moves, we have wind.
A. people
B. clouds
C. air
D. cows
Question Number 7
Which of the following is a cloud type?
A. Citrus
B. Dover
C. Cirrus
D. Darius
Question Number 8
Clouds are made up of?
A. water droplets
B. tiny ice particles
C. cotton
D. Both A & B
Question Number 9
Hurricanes and tornadoes both:
A. have high destructive wind speeds
B. turn counterclockwise in our part of the world
C. can destroy houses and property
D. All of the above
Question Number 10
True or False, tornadoes are bigger than hurricanes?
A. True
B. False
Question Number 11
The Hydrologic or Water Cycle refers to
A. water transpiration from plants
B. water precipitation, such as rain or snow
C. evaporation, water turning to vapor
D. condensation, water vapor turning to liquid
E. All of the above
Question Number 12
A barometer (like the one we made with a can and balloon) measures what?
A. temperature
B. precipitation
C. air pressure
D. shoe size
Question Number 13
A cumulonimbus cloud is a sign of what type of weather?
A. sunny and clear
B. stormy and rainy
Question Number 14
Acid rain is precipitation with increased acidity due to what?
A. lemon juice
B. pollutants in the air
C. milk
D. All of the above
Question Number 15
The greenhouse effect is the warming of the Earth's atmosphere.
A. True
B. False